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   ”Uuugh..” Karina groaned just as teenagers do when they’re forced to do manual labor. This task was a bit out of the ordinary, as the deliveries she had to retrieve today were nearly double what they usually were. The crate in her arms was packed tall enough with items that Karina couldn’t see where she was going. All she knew was that the buildings she was passing meant that she was getting closer to home.

   As if she didn’t do enough! Or, at least, she thought this was unfair. She huffed, her arms quivering and legs wobbling under the weight of the deliveries. Just then, there was a thump on the other end of the crate and a force that sent her falling back onto her butt, crate on her lap. There was a moment of panic as the stacked parcels wavered back and forth in a threat to fall. But Karina breathed a sigh of relief when they eventually teetered back into place and remained still.

   What had she run into? She was sure whoever or whatever it was must have fallen as well. She blinked heavily and cautiously craned her neck to see what the obstacle was. As the dust from the path settled and cleared, it was made clear to Karina that she had indeed knocked down another person. “Oh.. I’m sorry!” She chirped immediately, feeling her cheeks flush. She heaved the crate onto the ground beside her and rose to her feet. “I didn’t see you..” Who was this girl? She didn’t look familiar at all. A traveler? Perhaps she was just visiting. It didn’t matter. Karina inched closer and held out her hand to help the girl up. “I hope your things aren’t ruined..” She muttered as her eyes fell on a package of some sort lying in the dirt beside them.

Popuri gave a light laugh when Karina offered her help to stand up. “My, that was silly of me! I’m so sorry, I had been looking up at the clouds. Thank you,” Popuri used Karina’s hand to pull herself up, then brushed off her skirt before bending to pick up her basket and the cloth that had tumbled out from the top of it. “Oh, no need to worry, all I had were some hard-boilded eggs, and those things are hardy, I’m sure they’re just fine. How are you? How’s your things?” Popuri eyed the crates stacked up past Karina. “Oh, I’m sorry, I been rude! I’m Popuri, it’s nice to meet you. Sorry for the trouble.” She bowed her head slightly as she apologized.

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Celia smiled back at Popuri admiring how nice this pink haired girl seemed! “Oh how nice! They’re super cute!” Celia said looking over at the chickens.  Celia had never owned a chicken, but they seemed nice!  “Oh thank you! I like your name too!” Celia smiled at the compliment. 

Celia smiled again when Popuri said she got a warm feeling, Celia was always glad to make new friends!  Celia noticed that no one had ever shaken her hand like that before, but non-the-less it was still a very nice gesture, a little more lady-like then regular hand shakes too.

Celia looked over at the chickens again, they were all just so cute!  “How many chickens does your family have?”

"Ehe! They really are!" Popuri smiled, thinking of how she’d stick her tongue out at Gray next time she saw him and tell him that Celia thought chickens were cute too. "You’re welcome! Oh, thank you!" Popuri offered the girl another smile—it was so nice to meet new people, and when they turned out to be wonderful Popuri was always so pleased. She was practically beaming, but tried to tone her smile tone a little to be more polite when taking hands. But it bounced right back to full force when she saw Celia take another glance at her chickens. "Oh! Well, it depends on the week, but we usually have four to eight chickens, with the difference of four usually being made up up chicks, if that makes sense?" Popuri laughed lightly. "Do you have the time to stick around? We could watch them together, I’m sure the chicks would like to run around a little on a day like today Mm! And you can even feed them, if you’d like." Popuri smiled at Celia kindly as she proposed her idea. How nice it was to meet someone new, and so sweet.

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Meet Me Monday! :3

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Popuri swung her basket back and forth as she walked, her skirt swishing with each step. She had a small lunch packed in her basket, wrapped up with a handkerchief, which included several boiled eggs. Her thought had been that she would share them with someone, but so far she hadn’t met anyone yet. The weather was fair, though, so Popuri was sure that the day would become interesting soon enough. She looked up at the sparse clouds, smiling as they slowly moved across the sky.


“It is nothing…” she said, taken back by the peck on the cheek but smiling nonetheless.  ”Though I do apologize if I have interrupted anything, I did arrive without notice or invitation.” 

In reality, she hadn’t the slightest idea of what the town had to offer, nor did she really know what to do.  ”No, I do not have to be back at the Settlement; Ondorus offer to take watch while I was away.” Still, she had no ideas to offer, and in all honesty it kind of bothered her.  What did people do outside of the Settlement?  Being outside is obviously easier but other than that, it was beyond her.  ”What err…” she started, looking away embarrassed, “what is there to do here?”

"Oh, you’re fine, don’t worry about it at all. My brother just left to get something but he’ll be right back and so there’s no need to worry - my schedule is really flexible!" She smiled widely, happy at the prospect of spending the day with Kuruna.

It made Popuri happy to hear that Ondorus had offered to watch over the Settlement when Kuruna was away, because Kuruna really did deserve a few days off once in a while. “That’s good to hear, it means you don’t have to worry about the Settlement while you’re away, huh? Oh! Well~” Popuri smiled at Kuruna, excited. “There’s a nice beach area that’s good for walking, and there’s also a nice river and spa and mountaintop and we could stay in town and browse the shops, and… Ehe! But excuse me, I’m getting carried away because there’s so much to see, if you haven’t been here before! So, tell me; any of that sound particularly interesting to you, Kuruna?”

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Relief washed over the Univir at Popuri’s response, offering a hand to pull the hornless girl into a gentle hug. “It has truly been so long,” she said, gently smiling. However, the girl’s new-found concern took Kuruna by surprise. “No, everything is well,” she said, her arms disappearing back into her cloak. “You had not visited in quite a while, I had become… worried…” she admitted, glancing away as a small blush crept across her cheek.

Popuri hugged Kuruna in return, happy to see her friend after so long. Head resting next to Kuruna’s, Popuri couldn’t help but notice how pretty the Univer’s hair was, and she smiled as she thought that. “Oh~” Popuri smiled with relief. “If that’s all, then I’m glad. It’s so kind of you to worry about me, Kuruna.” Popuri smiled and leaning in, gave her a peck on the cheek. “You’re a dear.” Popuri put a finger on her lips, making a thinking face. “So, now that you’re here, what do you want to do? You came all the way here, it’d be a waste for you to head right back - unless you really can’t spare any more time.”



She nodded when Popuri spoke, but paid little attention when she said it would only take a moment. Raven’s eyes trailed down to her slim fingers eagerly fixing their meal, and in a beat she saw the old wooden tables that had been carved into at the restaurant by the inn. Certain floorboards creaked as the chef made his way to each customer, the lace curtains were frayed and the redhead often felt trapped there when she went. People had been there and would continue to come, crowding around tables with gaily chatter. She tainted the atmosphere… but Popuri was the exact opposite. That thought was cut short by the girl’s compliment, making several warm shades fly across her cheeks. What to say to that? There was a brief silence before she replied, “… You too.” 

She took a small bite, eyes widening slightly. Ah… she didn’t want to be selfish and take more when Popuri hadn’t even started. “It’s really good,” she murmured with another small smile. Come to think of it… her diary was pretty empty. Raven wanted to savor this while it lasted, then retell it on the blank papers. It was worth looking back on, so she could remember it forever. No matter where either of them would be in the future, she would remind herself that there were always people worth meeting. “… Where else do you make deliveries?” 

With even the slightest hint of a smile, Popuri felt accomplished, and laughed from happiness. “Yay! Oh, I’m so glad you think so, Raven~” She took a bite of food herself and smiled - food always tasted better in good company. “Oh! Did you still want to make that cake, Raven?” Popuri smiled at her kindly, exited and hopeful. “Hm, deliveries? Oh, do you mean, who else do I cook for and bring it to them? I keep meaning to bring lunch and such to others, but you’re the first! Today I decided to bring some for you~ Maybe later this week I’ll bring some to Sophia or something~~” Popuri tilts her head up as she thinks, a smile on her face as she wonders if other people will be as happy as Raven was to receive home-cooked food from her.

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"Oh great!" Celia smiled then tried to explain why she was asking "I don’t normally come here for shopping, but I decided somewhere new would be fun!" Celia looked at the pink haired lady in front of her.  "Oh! Your family owns this farm? How fun!" Celia smiled again.

"It’s very nice to meet you Popuri! I’m Celia." Celia was still smiling and then held her hand out offering a hand shake. 

She smiled at the girl’s explanation, and said, “Oh, no problem! I know how that is; I often like to go visit new places as well!” and smiled. Nodding, Popuri felt her heart warm a little - it sounded like this person liked chickens! And as she always said, someone that likes chickens is bound to be a good person~ “Mhm! Ehe, it really is! I really like chickens, I think they’re dears~ Oh! Celia! That’s a nice name~ I’m sure we;ll get along well, Celia; I just get a warm feeling from talking with you!” As per typical style, when offered a hand to shake, Popuri takes it and holds it in both of hers for a few seconds, giving them a light squeeze.